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1936 Auto Union Type-C Schematics, Be Still My Beating Heart.

Hooniverse January 4, 2011 In General

For reasons requiring no explanation, the 1936 Auto Union Type-C is one of the most lustworthy race cars in automotive history. Unapologetically sleek and sinister and revolutionary, the scariest of the Silver Arrows is one of the best things ever to come from Nazi Germany and someone’s dug up absolutely stunning schematic illustrations. Desktop background? Yes, desktop background.

While these two diagrams aren’t original technical drawings from within the Auto Union racing program, they are apparently scans of vintage drawings done by one Jim Ison in 1965 and are scale-accurate. They’re also lip-smacking beautiful. You can get three different sizes from a background friendly 3,000 x 2,300 pixels, to a poster-sized 8,900 x 7,100 pixel, 42 mb monster. So, what do you think you’d do with ‘em? Wallpaper for the garage? Blanket for the kids? At the very least print them out at work and tack ‘em to the wall and pretend you’re Bernd Rosemeyer for a while. There are worse things to do with company assets.(The original hosted images have been pulled down but I saved plate one and uploaded it here , if you ask the originator at VW Vortex, nicely you might be able to get the other plate.)

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  1. muthalovin says:

    Oh shit! I would blow it up, and place it on the garage floor. Loverly.

  2. fede6882 says:

    i need those diagrams, very badly, when i read i could get them on 8,900 x 7,100 i stopped reading and went for the link.
    but it's not working for me (404)… is it working for somebody else? i really need 40 mb of v16

    (this is my first use of my intensedebate account…)

    • engineerd says:

      Yeah, the link does not seem to be working :(

    • engineerd says:

      Oh, go to the VWVortex link. The guy that posted them needs a SASE with media (CD, thumb drive, etc.) for them.

      I wonder if I just set up a dropbox account and let him save them in there if that would work?

    • Ben says:

      I only saved plate one (full car) and posted that at a file hosting site (linked above, look for the smallest, trickiest text link possible for the download), you'll have to ask the commenter on Vortex for plate two (engine).

  3. skitter says:

    Drum brakes….
    By comparison, I don't know why I even got out of bed.
    But even if racing were still this dangerous, I would still want to do it.

    • B72 says:

      Did you check out that crumple zone? It's like a VW bus but with scalding coolant for an added bonus!

      • Joe Dunlap says:

        But wait, theres more!! How about being made a sandwich between that radiator full of scalding coolant, being superheated by the exploding fuel tank that is your seat backrest, which is being driven through your chest cavity by 16 cylinders of awesome! MMMMMMMMMM!! Me like!!

    • Van Sarockin says:

      My first thought, too. It took a lot of balls to not strap in to one of those, and then stick the skinny pedal to the floor.

  4. engineerd says:

    I'm going to print them out and start building my own in my basement. It's a good thing Mrs. engineerd cleaned the basement yesterday.

  5. tonyola says:

    Skinny tires made out of chewing gum and sawdust, swing axles, a 5%-95% front/rear weight balance, 500 horsepower, 600+ foot-pounds (I refuse to use "torques"), and 200+ mph top speed. What a breathtakingly brutal and wonderful way to commit suicide.

  6. engineerd says:

    Crap, now I just signed up for a VWVortex account. Productivity will be negative.

    • Tanshanomi says:

      Gentlemen, don't try to go after him. There's nothing we can do for him now.

      • Smells_Homeless says:

        Removes hat, and stares at the floor Godspeed, 'Neerd. Godspeed.

      • scroggzilla says:

        I think I can save him.

        (picks up bullhorn)

        Engineerd…I know you're in a dark, dark place. I know you're scared and confused. Just follow the light from my Flickr account. It'll lead you to safety.

    • Deartháir says:

      Geezus, get him out of there! GET HIM OUT OF THERE!

      The… stupidity… it'll… it's going to… he can't… it…

      NO! Fuck off, I've just got something in my eye!

      • texlenin says:

        (Stands, removes dirty, sweat-stained cowboy hat with Hero of Soviet Peoples pin on band)
        Gentleman, (looks 'air, 'omi, 'nerd, 'olex, skitter, 'zilla and all the others in the eye one by one)….
        It's ain't been the best year here at Rancho de Russki. Pretty damn bleak at times. But one thing
        that has brought light and warmth to this Siberian winter of the soul has been the outright silliness
        you bastards have laid on my doorstep like thieves in the night. And for that..I just wanna thank you all.
        (jams hat low over eyes, turns and walks out the door)

    • Eggwich says:

      The Car Lounge, a forum hosted on VWVortex as well as a few other sites, is the best car-related site on the internet. Not best forum, but best car site period. The amount of content lifted from TCL (I mean "credited" to TCL) by car blogs big and small is astonishing.

  7. Rust-MyEnemy says:

    When I eventually go full custom on my Audi (I may as well, since it's worth nothing and twelve years old) I will require a full set of Auto Union emblems.

    Also, I have never needed a car with sixteen stub exhausts more than I do now.

  8. fede6882 says:

    so… is it downloadable? i'm at work and the internet filter won't let me se vw vortex… it's hard to wait the 5 or 6 hours left of work.

  9. BGW says:

    Coincidentally, we just received a brand new wide-format poster printer at work. I think I'll let the helpdesk monkey know that I'll be handling the setup and, um, testing of this new printer personally. I'd probably better print 2 or 3 copies, just to be thorough.

  10. Maymar says:

    Imagine doing to this what Caterham did for the 7…

  11. FЯeeMan says:

    1) Fire up Photoshop
    2) Invert color scheme
    3) ???
    4) Profit!!!

  12. Gearhead says:

    I need a cigarette…

    and I don't even smoke.

  13. marmer says:

    Speaking of giant brass balls, go look at some of the pre-war racing video footage on Audi's German site. There's one of either Hans Stuck or Nuvolari slip-sliding around in the rain in one of those beasties. Scared the bejeezus out of me.

  14. This blew my mind before I realized that it was drawn by hand, then it blew my mind again. This, plus jet lag, conspired to nearly knock me to the floor in a tizzy of symmetry.

  15. fede6882 says:

    intensedebate is acting wierd, or i don't know how to use this yet.
    anyway, thanks for the upload ben!! now just the second left

  16. fede6882 says:

    just in case, the link on vw vortex is up again

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