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New Hoonimerch is Coming!

Hooniverse December 20, 2010 In General 10 Comments

Remember these?

Many of you have been wondering when the new Hoonimerch is going to be added to the site.  Well, not only are we changing up the merch, we’re completely revamping the store so you’ll have a one stop shop for all your Hoonimerch needs!

The new store is currently being built by the little hoonelves and will be up and running shortly. You’ll see cool things like ball caps, trucker caps, stickers, patches and a very special Hooniverse T-shirt. And as always, handmade Hooques and beer coffee coozies!

It will also be Paypal friendly so ordering will be a breeze.

Stay tuned!

  • Can I get an Uberbird poster?

    I am looking forward to some Hoonmerch!

    • Paul_y

      I would proudly hang posters of various LeMons cars on my wall, and admire them like my 8 year old self did the Countach.

      Seriously, though, get a semipro photographer in front of some of the more entertaining vehicles (the überbird, 8 wheel monstrosity, Model T-GT, and pretty much anything French, to name a few), and we could have additional sweet Hoonimerch.

  • omg_grip

    I LOVE my hooniverse hat.

    I am wearing it right now. I wear it almost every day. It doesnt look black now, its faded a lot and looks more brown. I WILL order another one when they are available again.

  • Mr_Biggles

    Winter solstice, lunar eclipse, new Hoonimerch. Things are aligning nicely.

  • Smells_Homeless

    This reminds me, I want a Hooque. How would one go about acquiring something of that sort?

    • McQueen

      First off you have to be Canadian to have a Hooque or else it'll just be a winter hat lol

      • Smells_Homeless

        I've spent a couple of weeks in Toronto, and I own every Rush album. That's got to count for something, eh?

  • Lex

    The Hooque is coming back? Thank god. I needed a new toque (though i found the one i thought i'd lost) not long ago and decided that it must be a Hooque. Then i went to buy it and had a sad.

    I'm not Canadian. I'm still calling it a toque. I get in trouble for calling it a toque instead of the Yooper "tchuk" (or however they spell it), but that won't stop me. I aspire to Canadianity, though i suppose i should have stayed in B.C. if i was serious or married one of the Canadian girls i've dated. For the moment, i'm holding out for a dissolution of the United States with Michigan joining Canada.

    • Deartháir

      We don't want Michigan! We'll take Hawaii instead.

  • dead_elvis

    Just how big are these hats? I'd buy a Hooniverse lid in a heartbeat if I knew it would fit me. Most "one size fits all" caps don't come close to fitting… a 7 5/8 hat size = 24" crainial circumference.

    You know what they say, ladies** – big head, big… hats*

    *no euphemism intended

    **Amber? Skaycog? (Aside from them, it's pretty much a sausage fest here, isn't it?)