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Hoonverse Weekend Edition, Another Mini Moke

LongRoofian November 20, 2010 In General 12 Comments

"Only $12,500!"

Back in my early days of blogging here at the Hooniverse, I did a post about a 1967 Mini Moke that was for sale by the neighbor of a buddy of mine. In the comments section it was pretty much unanimous that 12,500 large was a bit much for this little ragtop.

Well over at Hemmings blog today, Daniel Strohl found just the shell of a Mini Moke for $3,500.

"Only 3,500 bucks!"

Maybe that $12,500 is not all that out of line. Just saying.

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    • Paul_y says:

      In september, I saw a Mini Moke in San Francisco (while neglecting to take a picture, because I am a dumbass), and that was the first thing I thought of.

  1. Alff says:

    I dig the long rooflessness of these. I think I could find something fun to do with that shell.

  2. Ryans92L says:

    I have ridden in my share, and every time I had a blast. Also raced one when I had my quarter midget back in the day on our track at the farm, moke didn't stand a chance to my single 120cc honda cylinder. but cool none the less!

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