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Cars 2 Trailer Answers our Prayers, Features Rocket-Launching Gremlins

Hooniverse November 16, 2010 In General 23 Comments

Contrary to popular belief, most Gremlins caught on fire without the aid of explosives.

Pixar, in its infinite wisdom, doesn’t do sequels very often. Toy Story has been the only trilogy series they’ve produced in their short history, and judging by the rather adequate reviews, it’s safe to assume that their sequels usually aren’t straight-to-DVD hash jobs. Now the trailer for Cars 2 has been released, and despite the complete plot, setting, and ensemble changes that would tarnish lesser franchises, our fears of a schlocky money-grubbing cheap shot can be allayed, solely because it will feature AMC products with rocket launchers.

Cars 2 features the ubitiquously popular Lightning McQueen as an international man of mystery, jetsetting from Tokyo to London to Paris, in a world where Michael Caine—played by a Pininfarina-bodied Ferrari 410 Superamerica, no less—believes that him and Larry the Cable Guy are both “master spies.” Since the passing of Paul Newman, his signature Hudson Hornet is unsurprisingly absent, and racing takes place in Japan, an avenue that the franchise has toyed with before. Gone are the social commentaries on commercialism, redemption, community spirit, and the genuine embracing of NASCAR: now we have puke-green AMC Pacer baddies fighting in restrooms, Casino-Royale-style. Even though on paper it sounds like a disaster, somehow, I’m ok with that.

When Cars came out in 2006, it did what few other feature-length movies have: it successfully encapsulated the passion and obsession of what it means to be a car enthusiast, in a way overlooked by, say, Days of Thunder. For example, when the lights on the gas station pumps turn on in Radiator Springs, they mimic the firing order of a Ford flathead V8—probably because director John Lasseter owns one. He’ll be co-directing this sequel as well. If his track record is any indication, this should be just as lavishly detailed and filled with pathos as the first one, and just as well-received.

And if the trailer is any indication, man-children like us shall be treated to an action-packed tale of dangerous AMC machines gone rogue, where Rebel Machines collude with evil mastermind Oleg Cassini in a deadly Alliance that stretches from Kenosha to Barcelona to the tree-lined boulevards of Boulogne-Billancourt, setting the stage for a final showdown between McQueen and an army of Ramblers who will cut like a Javelin. No Ambassador can save you now. This time, there will be no Encores.

  • A Gremlin X to be exact! I didn't spot that! Ahhhhh, I bow to our new vehicular overlords.

  • lillongroofer

    I want one. New goal.

  • Alff

    Just based on that lead photo, this is a MUST see.

  • Smells_Homeless

    Caine isn't a Ferrari. Nope, he's a Bristol.

    • Alff

      I believe he's a BMW 507.

      • PFG

        There's a lot of Volvo 1800 in there.

      • Smells_Homeless

        Oh, he may very well be playing the part of a Ferrari in the movie, but Michael Caine is definitely not a Ferrari, or a BMW for that matter. In real life he's a Bristol. A high-end Brit, but not quite Aston material.

        /I, of course, am a 72 Pontiac Bonneville, so I don't have much room to talk.

      • dculberson

        I think Alff has it. The BMW 507 really does match Caine's car-achter.

    • bzr

      A Bristol feels right, but note the amount of curves, the Corvette-rounded roofline, the side fender vents, and the fins. It's probably an amalgamation of a 50s coachbuilt sports car, but my closest guess is the Ferrari Superamerica:

      <img src="http://www.supercars.net/gallery/119513/1906/797901.jpg&quot; width="500">

      • Alff

        (((ANAL RETENTIVE MODE ON))) I agree that he's an amalgamation. The split grille is 507, as are the side strakes (both are thinner than the bimmer's, and the latter is placed higher than the Ferrari's). The horizontal front bumperettes are a C1 Corvette characteristic. Hard to tell from the video – those rear fender tops look Volvo P1800 to me, but that may just be the rendering. The accent is, of course, all Bristol. (((MODE OFF, RESUME BEVERAGE CONSUMPTION)))

        • bzr

          "There's no school like old school, and I'm the fuckin' headmaster." And the headmasters all drive Bristols.

  • joshuman

    There is a chance I can cajole my daughters to come along with their brother and we can all go see it in the theater.

  • KAH

    Cars 2 yes the EAGLE has landed and I will not be a RENEGADE but be a good SPORTABOUT it and in good SPIRIT buy me ticket to the show

    Ok I grew up in Wisconsin when their was an AMC and we had a Canary Yellow Gremlin in the 70s

  • Hot damn I may have to actually buy movie tickets to see this Disney movie. It's been like 10 years since Ive actually wanted to see one.

    Interesting plot choice too. You'd expect to see Cars 2: American Bailout or Hybrid Wars.

  • dukeisduke

    The Gremlin has the factory forged aluminum wheels. I'm not too sure about those bias-ply tires, though.

  • Too Cool. I loved Cars, Rong is once again right, it's one of the best car movies ever. I loved all the inside jokes for Hoons, too. If this one is half as good, it will be worth the price of admission.

  • I too loved the original Cars, but I'm bummed that they have abandoned the Radiator Springs storyline. I'm an old highway buff and the tale of the interstate bypassing the town was compelling. Then again, they probably got all the mileage they could out of it, and explaining the absence of Doc Hudson and Filmore would be difficult.

  • retro

    That weaponised Gremlin gave me flashbacks of too many hours spent playing Interstate '76.

  • If you don't think Pixar has more than a few hoons on staff, look at some of the cars in this trailer. Aside from the obvious ones, I spotted Nissan Figaros and O.G. Fairlady Zs (with fender mirrors!), a Corvette C6.R and an Aston Martin DBR9.

    Can't wait to see what the other rounds of the "World Grand Prix" are.

  • omg_grip

    Great. Now all I can think about is the pc game Interstate '76.

    I have no choice now but to acquire a copy and get it to run on my modern computer.

  • tiberiuswise

    Let me start out by saying that I am a huge fan of the Pix. I've taken dates to see them without kids and this looks like another home run. Still, I'm wondering why this movie is Cars 2 and not The Incredibles 2. I guess its funnier to see cars taking on the roles but it just feels like a script they had already done and then said wait, wait, wait, hold my beer. What if we used the cast from Cars?

  • My family will forever associate me with Gremlins, no matter how many British sports-cars I afflict myself with.

    Thus, I await the inevitable onslaught of almost funny jokes.

  • Colorado AMC Guy

    There must be a new AMC car line coming out too!