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This Crew Cab Power Wagon is Not to be Trifled With

1969 Dodge Power Wagon crew cab for sale One could probably start a whole blog or maybe just a tumblog dedicated to desert trucks. Typically bought and parked while the owner finishes up “other projects”, they end up for sale after somewhere between 6 and 60 months of sitting. They come from places like Tehachapi, El Centro, Brawley or in this case, Ridgecrest. The background any photos almost always has a collection of desiccated  machinery that’s equally odd and awesome. Not unlike a certain Southeastern example, they tempt by being theoretically roadworthy with some line like “This vehicle has driven from Long Beach to Ridgecrest before and in much worse shape than it is now, but it is sold as-is where-is with no warranty implied“.

Who’s up for a little road trip?

This particular example of Truckus Paleoaridus is of the Moparis variety, powered by a slant six backed up by a granny-less four speed. It’s got a 5 inch lift to clear 35 inch mud tires, which probably puts the original gearing right in line with decent highway cruising. It’s got the typical torn vinyl that looks like it’d slice you right open, which is why they make Mexico Blankets and bungee cords.

1969 Dodge Power Wagon crew cab for sale

What’s odd is that the seller claims it’s got rust. “…rust in all the usual places. All of them. If you have a fear of rust, this is not the truck for you.” Looking at the pictures, there’s not much in the way of body rot that typically accompanies a truck with serious rust issues. Hopefully he’s taking the Southern California definition of rust, which is to say there’s some surface corrosion present, not crumbling ferrous oxide. All in all, it’s got the vibe of the skinny old prospector who doesn’t look like much, but’ll put a pickax through your skull with his freakish old man strength. $4000 ain’t cheap, but the grizzliness/dollar ratio is hard to beat.

1969 Dodge W200 Power Wagon – eBay Motors

  • DeadinSideInc

    Note the the PPlate

    • Mr_Biggles

      Note how they cleverly blurred it to maintain some privacy, then completely neglected to do so in the other pic.

      • DeadinSideInc

        I did note that. Was mildly amused.

  • tonyola

    I've driven my share of older 4WD Suburbans and Chevy/GMC crew cab pickups as part of my surveying and environmental work. Like the featured Dodge, these were hard-core stickshift work trucks, not Mom-mobiles, and there was a seductive feeling of power and invulnerability piloting these beasts both on-road and off-road. I would't mind some wheel time in this Power Wagon. I also see a red Opel GT in the background.

  • This sounds like just the truck for Zach Bowman.

    I however can't decide which would be better, this, or that '75 International

  • mechimike

    Pow Pow Powerwagon! Pow Pow Powerwagon! Powerwagon- power makes it go!


    Buddy of mine had a '78 P/W. I loved that truck. 400 big block, extended "Club" cab- heck it even had air conditioning! Alas, though the green vinyl interior was impeccable, the body rot got it, and he ended up selling it off to make room for a Cummins-powered truck. And while the Cummins Dodge is arguably the better truck, the grumble of that 400 engine was a thing unto its own.

  • njhoon

    I like these. Stick a 413 in it and it would be awesome. As a northeast resident a truck 'rusted' like this is almost considered show room condition here.

  • I think everyone has a different idea of what rust really is. This guy probably just means there is light corrosion, like Tim said. In the deep south, rust usually implies there will be massive amounts of work. In the north east, rust is a death warrant.

  • Chris

    i have personaly ran a few of the slant six motors that this truck has in it, while the fuel milage has alot to be desired the motors are industructable and have quit a bit of power for a six popper. he mentions rust in the usual places but does not give pics of the usual places, anybody that knows these trucks at all knows that the first thing to go is the front cab mounts followed by floor boards and ends with the cab step and none of these are easy fixes (if done the proper way). with all of that said from here in mid missouri you do not find these trucks and i would love to have it in my driveway

  • 110112

    its got a ford hood!