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Daytona Dream Cruise-Final Edition

LongRoofian November 2, 2010 Car Shows, Hooniverse Goes To... 37 Comments

Well, my fellow Hoons, this is the final posting from The Daytona Dream Cruise I attended the weekend before last.

But you will have to make the jump to see the images from it.

This final event of The Daytona Dream Cruise 2010 was held at the same location where I had directed the vehicle parking the previous day. The venue was down near the one of the many marinas that populate the mainland side of the Halifax River/Intracoastal Waterway.

I had not even arrived at the event when I spotted this cool old Volkswagen Type II in the parking lot of one of those marinas. Of course, I had to stop and get a few images of it.

So this olelongrooffan (I can’t help myself!) was sitting in the driver’s seat of that ole CJ5 that CptSevere likes so much and this cherry ’61 Cadillac Sedan deVille cruises on by. The elderly driver stops and looks lustfully at my ride. “How much?” he asked. “Bone Stock and Five Grand,” was my reply. “Damn, I’m tempted but I would probably lift it, put a V8 in it and ruin that original CJ5,” he said. And then his better half said, “Let’s go George, you are not getting another Jeep!” And that Jeep went unsold that day.
The 347 badge in the opening image of this post was attached to the side of this 64 Comet.
Yeah Hoons, there was a little bit of everything around these here parts that weekend.
If a 1984 Chrysler minivan makes the cut at Hershey, I guess a mid 80’s Fairmont is welcome at the Dream Cruise.
Sorry for the blurriness of this image, my el cheapo 28 dollar ebay camera doesn’t do close up all that well!
I thought this was a clever touch for a radiator overflow container.
And while I am not a fan of the skull of anything, there, apparently, is a large contingency whole like to adorn their cars with them.
And if there are any Hoons reading this who don’t know who the Smokey on this sticker is, right now you need to open a new browser window and Google ‘Smokey Yunick’ and be prepared to become awestruck! Go on, we’ll be here when you get back.
All four of the items in the above four images were on this rat rod.
And Bill Elliott showed up with his NASCAR championship winning 1985 Thunderbird.

I don’t know for sure if the original Mini came in the the drop top version but this one was pretty sweet.

Well, Hoons, that’s it for the Daytona Dream Cruise 2010. This Sunday I’ll be heading to Winter Park, Florida for the annual Concour’s D’Elegance and will definitely be getting some images of that to share with my fellow Hoons. As a teaser, here is a blogpost about the 2009 Concours.

All of the images I shot of the Daytona Dream Cruise, as well as the ones from Biketoberfest can be found on my new flickr page. Click here to see it.

  • dukeisduke

    -1 for the non-stock wheelcovers on the Fairmont. But +1 for the period-correct Airwick air freshener in the rear window.

  • I like that Fairmont quite a lot. The most unassuming Fox body

    • Plus, my buddy, thekenman, tells me a 5.0 drops right in the engine bay….

      • tonyola

        The 5.0 was actually an option in the Fairmont for the first couple years, so yes it's a drop-in. Not only that, but the pre-'87 Fox Mustang dash with its full gauges fits right in too. I'd personally get a Futura coupe.

        • I dunno..I might have to go with the Futurachero..


          but I still want that 5.0 with the Mustang dash in it!

          • tonyola

            Oh well, sure – a Durango wins over all. But they're not common or cheap.

            • ChuckyShamrok

              Saw a Durango over the Summer in Augusta Maine, and it was being used as a work truck.

          • Alff

            I'm surprised I'm the one who has to say it – I'd opt for the wagon.

            • RahRahRecords

              that was my first car.

            • Me and you both man.

              witness the rape of this poor wagon. Makes me never want to buy a Craftsman tool again.
              [youtube rqfgMRw8DKs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqfgMRw8DKs youtube]

              • ^ that's actually likely a Diplomat wagon upon review, still worth a watch

                • Alff

                  Yes, nothing of value harmed here.

      • As will plenty of susp. upgrades and other performance goodies

    • DeadinSideInc

      LTD Scott needs to chime in, the Fox body is his territory.

  • Alff

    This Olelongrooffanfan says you should just keep being you, including the third person references.

    • Deartháir

      I second the motion. And anyone who bitches about it… well, I've got a Big Canadian Banhammer that I'm willing to swing in their direction!

      • ChuckyShamrok

        At first it annoyed me, but it's grown on me since and now I appreciate the folksy nature of his writing.

    • DeadinSideInc

      I like the occasional reference and the tone of that olrf's stuff.

    • I agree, it sets the tone for a great longroof article. I feel kinda bad about bringing it up last week with all the ruckus it caused

  • The Mini was available like that from the factory (albeit via LAMM in Germany for the first 75 and then Karmann and Tickford for the remainder of production in the final couple of years), complete with wide arches and jumbo-minilites. It was also wince-inducingly expensive. Production ended in '96.

  • DeadinSideInc

    Question for y'all:
    How often do you get randomly stopped and propositioned, with respect to whatever you're hooning at that moment?

    • Pretty regularly in the Falcon.

      More on that later, though…

      • DeadinSideInc

        Ohhhhh, building excitement!

        (ps – this could be a HA question?)

    • I rarely get stopped. About once or twice a year, there is a sticky note from Manuel or Jorgé on the driver side window telling me that they will pay cash for my truck. I debate it for about 3 days, then file the sticky note.

      • DeadinSideInc

        What kind of truck? Dare I guess a small Toyota or Nissan?

        • Its my own fault I think. I drive a lowered '97 F-150.

    • In the hearse it happens all the time. Usually some minority wants to buy it and "put rims on that shit", which might actually be kind of cool

      • DeadinSideInc

        Those Atheists are always putting rims on their shit.

        (I assume we're the minority you were talking about, I just had toast from a toaster that is ridin on dubs (in my mind at least)).

        • Alff

          I think he's referring to people who can spell and use punctuation. Aren't they a minority?

          • Indeed they are. Speaking of which, I'm missing a period. Here are two for good measure..

      • You should put rims on that shit.

        • It's got 4 9C1 police spec wheels on it right now and looks tight as hell.

          A lot of fullsize GMs have the 5×5" lug pattern and black cop wheels are a sure fit.

    • Tourists are always taking pictures of my F100 when I park it in front of the mine tour where I work. Especially European tourists.

      • You work at a mine tour and drive an F100 camper? That combination is pretty much perfect.

        • Mr. Steelies, I work at a mine tour (I'm the senior tour guide there and did a lot of the restoration), have a '66 F100 shortbed and also have a '64 Chevy 1 ton cab and chassis with a permanently mounted camper with a pass-through from the cab to the coach, making it the oldest Class C motorhome I've ever seen, much less owned or hooned. Even more perfecter.

          • Yup, just 'bout damn near!

            I saw it as your profile pic and am now hitting myself for not recognizing its bowtie. Great truck!

    • tonyola

      I actually get a fair amount of positive comments about my Buick, since it's pretty new-looking inside and out compared to most other 17-year-old LeSabres. It's not just grandmas and grandpas either – I get admiring looks from young urban guys here in Miami. Maybe because it represents a type of car that's hardly being sold anymore.