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Rebel Machine, Some Assembly Required

Tim Odell October 25, 2010 eBay Insanity, For Sale

1970 amc rebel machine for sale1970 amc rebel machine for sale

Think of it like a slightly less intense, more clear headed alternative to raging against the machine. In this case you can get your hands on one of the best-named muscle car special editions to ever come out of the era. If a four speed, hi-po 390c.i. V8 and 3.55 rearend aren’t enough to get your attention, the hood tach probably will. The red, white and blue tape stripe package has a great, well faded glory look to it. According to the seller, only about 1000 units got that color scheme (of around 2500 ever produced). This one’s pretty much all there, depending on your definition of “there”.

If “there” encompasses the car and garage in which it’s kept, then sure, it’s all there. Specifically, the engine and transmission have been pulled for “freshening”. That engine looks like it’ll be mighty fresh, as it’s been stripped to the block, hot-tanked and painted. Of course, that means you’ll have to build it again from the pieces and parts that may or may not be present. Notably not present: any induction system.

1970 amc rebel machine for sale

Given its special status, it’s getting a bit spendy for a rough driver muscle machine project at $5,100 with an unmet reserve; but then again, AMC folk are a weird bunch.

1970 AMC Rebel Machine – eBay Motors

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  1. JeepyJayhawk says:

    But look, He did the easy part already! You just have to find all the zip lock baggies and put things back together….

    Oh wait.

  2. muthalovin says:

    That is too many pieces for that much money. Strange how that works.

  3. Rust-MyEnemy says:

    This has to be a bargain for somebody. A numbers matching Machine with a goodly percentage of original bits has to be worth throwing a workshop worth of effort at. Where's Barry white and his crew? He can take a Roadrunner and a Satellite, combine the bits that haven't rusted to oblivion, wave a wand and sprinkle magic dust over it and suddenly it becomes a GTX and sells for $60,000.

    Start with a properly titled Rebel Machine and it must surely end up valued in the $billions?

  4. engineerd says:

    I fancy myself a rebel and a machine, so I thought you were talking about me until you got to, "This one’s pretty much all there…" Then I knew you weren't talking about me.

    As far as the price tag, it may be fair for a numbers matching Rebel, but I have no way to judge. The only one I found in a brief search of the interwebs turned up this one: http://www.autotraderclassics.com/classic-car/196

    They are asking $3800 for a runner.

    • Smells_Homeless says:

      Ah, but that's just a Rebel, not a Rebel Machine. That's a lot like comparing a 70 Tempest to a 70 Judge.

  5. Tanshanomi says:

    The older I get, the more I like Ramblers. I REALLY like this Rambler. Therefore, I must be getting really old.

  6. jjd241 says:

    If it's okay for Abe Vigoda…[youtube Tn0AN98lcdY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tn0AN98lcdY youtube]

    • Alff says:

      It's the only car in its class with a trunk that smells like fish.

    • Charles_Barrett says:

      Good golly…! Abe looks old in that commercial, and it is from more than 40 years ago…! Maybe Snickers bars are the fountain of youth after all; just look at Betty White and Abe Vigoda…

  7. This tired old car deserves to be shined up and driven. I can never get over how ridiculously and patriotically awesome AMCs painted Red White & Blue look. These colors may not run but they can sure get a little sun-beat

  8. Mike_the_Dog says:

    $5,100 seems about right for that car fully assembled and running. For a pile of parts that may or may not all be there, it sure seems a little crackpipe high.

    EDIT: After perusing the auction, I'll revise my estimate downward by a couple of thou. That car is thoroughly thrashed and requires major bodywork as well as replacement of many unobtainable interior bits & pieces. It will never be worth as much as it's gonna cost to fix. That said, I'd offer him $1k cash and throw it back together as a driver.

  9. DeadinSideInc says:

    1) The auction listing is written in comic sans, in CAPS. You could be holding my mother, blackberry, and bamboo plant hostage but if you wrote the ransom note in CAPS comic sans I would not read it.
    2) The hood tach goes to 8k rpm but red-lines @ 5k, aesthetic reasons to do that?

    • tonyola says:

      It looks cool. A 2005 Kia Spectra has a speedometer that goes to 140 mph, and the only way it can even approach that speed is if you drive it off a high cliff.

  10. Jim-Bob says:

    The scary thing is that it is missing the intake manifold. While on almost any other AMC this is not an issue ( SS/AMX excluded), on the Machine that is one rare manifold to find as it is the only regular production AMC V8 to get a special high flow intake manifold. That is part of the reason why the 1970 Rebel Machine had the highest rated power of any AMC V8-340 hp. All other 390s in production cars came with 315hp.

  11. todd says:

    still for sale?

  12. Kent says:

    Is this car Still for sale?
    Thanks KW

  13. brent harden says:

    The Machine was my first car ,there was only 540 made.I have the 1970 hotrod magazine with the centrefold of the machine.That one looks a little tired.

  14. Kent says:

    Any one if this car is still for sale? and where is it at? wolfmankw@yahoo.com

  15. rebel70blue says:

    High estimate of Machine production is 2326. I would estimate less than 500 hundred survive. Here's mine: http://www.upwiththemachine.com/test_drive


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