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Start Your Friday Right With Some Vroom-Vroom Sounds

Hooniverse August 20, 2010 Aural Pleasure 7 Comments

Fun for all ages! Especially man-children!

Remember those days in 4th grade when you would run around the halls pretending to drive a Corvette, making vroom-vroom noises with your mouth, clipping hallway apexes, and scaring the middle-school girls? No? Well, maybe it was just me.

Now that you’ve all grown up, there’s nothing stopping you* from, say, running around your place of work, making the exact same sounds at the top of your lungs, racing across cubicles and knocking over office chairs in your imaginary dash to the finish line. Recapture those halcyon days of childhood car sounds with these Youtube clips, whose subjects are clearly more well-versed than me in their vocal stylings. Trust me, these can get addicting.

* Note: some things that may stop you from doing this include losing your job, annoying the boss, annoying the boss’s wife, sexual harrassment lawsuits, personal injury, and the district judge rejecting your insanity plea. Hooniverse takes no responsibility for your crappy job, Peter Gibbons.

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  • Deartháir

    Strangely, I never imagined myself driving a Corvette. Not even when I actually WAS driving a Corvette.

  • tonyola

    When I was a little kid, I remember seeing advertised on Saturday morning TV a fake plastic engine that you could bolt to your kiddie bike. It would make vroom-vroom engine sounds. It was impossibly lame even amongst the ten-year-old crowd, and the couple of kids who had bikes so equipped were thought of as major dorks.

  • Waddaya mean 4th grade? Try 40th birthday.

  • I guess I have to tape using the Air Wrench at work trying to make it sound like a Prod Car running laps.

  • With that method I've just about mastered the Gardner 6HLX, the Leyland 501 and the Cummins 6BT. All straight sixes, mind.

    I also frequently amaze people with my C130 Hercules impersonations.