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A Mitsubishi L300 Plumbers Van that tears up the Strip……

Jim Brennan April 28, 2010 Hoon Hall of Fame 7 Comments

Remember the diminutive Mitsubishi L300 Forward Control Van? When it was first introduced it only came with the 4G32 1.6L four cylinder engine. While mostly reliable, it was no powerhouse. The little power-plant that can’t had been replaced in this van, and the video is awesome. How awesome? Make the jump….

This is one of those trucks that you never forget. Notice the way the driver has to fight for control, and the track times are nothing short of amazing. This is my nomination for the Hoon Hall of Fame!

  • Any clue what engine is in there now?

  • The guy driving this thing is both brave and certifiably insane. This innocuous looking little van just wants to kill you. I was talking cars with an old hoon I know the other day and he was telling me about an Anglia gasser he co-owned during the sixties. Straight front axle, blown 327, you know the deal. Said it ran 8's. One time, the thing went out of control and like pirouetted all the way down the strip. The driver refused to get back in the beast, he'd had enough thrills. They had to find another driver. This mean little van reminds me of that story.

  • i always get these confused with the similar Nissan Van. Nissan recalled ALL of their vans in the US due to safety issues. I think I see about as many Nissans still on the road as I do the Mitsubishi vans.

  • Texan_Idiot25

    Chevy, almost sounds like a big block..

  • I'm a bit confused with this seemingly mostly American hate/dislike/fear towards FC vans…..
    Those vans all had very weak motors and ok breaks, so possibility to hit something was quite low, no?
    And there was about 15- 20 inches between front bumper and your legs. At least some crumple zone.
    Asia's huge nations are using them still daily and doesn't complain too much.
    Have Nader wrote about them as death traps or where all this is coming from? Any data?

  • c0de

    I prefer Race-Taxi which is a VW T1 van with a porsche 993 bi-turbo on-board
    [youtube uKV9PVHw2xA&feature=player_embeddedhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKV9PVHw2xA&fe... youtube]

  • I still see a few Mitsu vans around SoCal. Can't recall ever seeing a Nissan, except one on Craigslist recently.