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Last Call – O HAI GUYZ Edition

Hooniverse April 25, 2010 Last Call

ra ra rararah


(Alternatively, if I weren’t so shameless then I wouldn’t use this space to plug my current blog, steering wheel faces, with more charming examples of automotive pareidolia! Alas, I am a shameless man.)

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  1. looks like a funhouse clown version of the scream mask.

  2. Dorkus Malorkus says:

    Looks like it even has a tounge ring ;)

  3. Ambersand says:

    That's about the same look I had as I glanced into my rear view mirror moments before I was rear-ended in my Element at a stop light by an Excursion doing about 40.

  4. Cynicist says:

    This is horrifying. I was actually scared upon seeing it.


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