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Last Call- X-Box 360 Be Damned Edition

Robert Emslie March 29, 2010 Last Call 17 Comments

With a steering wheel slightly larger than that of a Lotus Seven, and a build quality rivaling the dashboards of most GM products of the ’80s, the Tomy Turnin’ Turbo Dashboard taught thousands of tweens just how much fun blinking idiot lights could be. Never, in the history of toys, had 4 D-cells been put to a more hoon-worthy use.

Image source: [HandHeldMuseum.com]

  • I had one of those! Thanks for the memories Hooniverse. The nose of that one looks like a porsche, I could have sworn mine was a vette with popup headlights. I think.

  • …the most exciting drive you will ever take!
    Digital inputs and feedback?
    Filtered responses?
    Red paintjob?
    Nail. Hammer. Head.

  • Impalamino



    I feel dirty after doing that. Please don't ban me.

    • We should warn them. Their server hamsters might not be able to handle the traffic of a link from us. 😉

  • I had one – shaped like a Corvette, even had popup headlights. Loved it.

  • WOW! i remember those things, awesome!!

    my cousin had one and after my grandma died ~'92 my fam would travel up to mom's old house and meet up with her sister's fam while we cleaned the place out. I would sit in the dark parlor on rainy days driving this thing in the middle of the floor. coolest. toy. ever.

  • I had something similar, but mine was a cop dash complete with wind up siren. It was on my lap everywhere we went so I could 'driver' too. Dad made me take the siren off though, he kept thinking he needed to pull over.

    Before that I was 'driving' with a Tupperware lid.

  • damnelantra[!]

    i only wish that dashboards still looked that awesome.

  • bzr

    Chalk me up to one of those nostalgic kids with one of those. I can't imagine a 5-year old being this enthralled with Forza 3 years from now. Usually it's the simple things that work the best.

  • I had an '85 Subaru with that same exact instrument panel!

    Seriously though, I never had one of those. I was more of the Black Cat + Hot Wheels car + "Oh no, he's flying off the cliff (stairs)!" *POP!* kind of kid. My favorite "car crash" involved a large, black, plastic '85-ish Firebird, some Lady Fingers, and a smoke bomb. Unfortunately the Firebird didn't make it, but the crash was spectacular!

  • K5ING

    I used to have an early 60's version of this. I don't remember what it was called, but it had working turn signals, lights, even a windshield and working windshield wipers! I think I learned how to drive on that thing. I'll try to embed a photo.

    <img src="http://i151.photobucket.com/albums/s141/K5ING/th_dash.jpg&quot; border="0" alt="Photobucket" >

  • I had one of these as a child. I think. It could be that my parents left me in the toy isle at K-mart for long enough that I remember it as having one. Good times!

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  • jwil2252

    Does anybody know where I can buy one?