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Burnout Fail Neon Will Never Say “Hi!” Again

Alex Kierstein February 12, 2010 All Things Hoon 44 Comments

If you watch this and find yourself unintentionally wincing after the money shot, just remember that the only good Neon is a dead Neon. Or an SRT-4.

Ebaum’s World

  • I never knew there was that much stupid in one place. Didn't anyone show him where the handbrake was located?

  • Is it wrong that this makes me smile?

    • If it is wrong, I do not want to be right. Not EVER.


      Yes it's wrong, it should have made you laugh loud at the moment the hood pops up.

  • Considering the generally poor condition of the car in the first place (busted window, bent hood, mismatched wheels), and the driver/videographer's grin afterwards and posting of this – I have a feeling he agreed with your post.

    Neons. Even when they explode, they fail to impress.

  • dolo54

    Couldn't play that video, but found it on youtube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8c0tDzyKlA

    and wow… fred durst has really fallen hasn't he?

  • (polite golf clap)

  • Lucky idiot, he could have been dismembered by that clutch disk shrapnel.

  • MarionCobretti

    "the only good Neon is a dead Neon."

    Hey, the first-gen ACR's were pretty okay, too, right? Right? You guys?

    /shows self out

    • ACR's were sweet. I almost bought one. But then I like fast/sleeper/fwd cars that handle well/are fun to drive

    • I was about to storm in with a fit of indignation, but I'm pleased to see I'm not alone. I sort of dig both generations of R/T also, and I'd gladly drive one with a stick-shift as a beater.

  • Oh man, this is going to be great. I found this Neon on Craigslist, and I can finally make it onto the NEONBURNOUTFANBOARDS! All I need to do is video myself doing a burnout! Awesome. Well, first things first. I need to set up the tripod at some awesome local for this epic burnout. Hmmmmm. I know! The gutter in front of my parents house! Smart. Okay, so how do you do a burnout. Let me press this pedal. Ohh, yeah, that's the one. Hmm, maybe I should slowly release this other pedal and OHHH YEAH, listen to that!!! Okay, ease it on out and make sure not to crash into the neighbors house… easy does it… easy does it… Hmm, seems to not be smoki-KABOOOMSKY. Oh shit shit shit shit shit shit shit….. Oh, its not that bad… Not at all.. Maybe I should, um… Now where is the engine at?

    • Now just say it faster so it sounds like there is meth involved…

  • nashville sally

    that'll buff right out… he needs to do it quick before mom gets home… she already missed the missing window due to the "sunshade"…

  • Hahaha. I already laughed about this a couple days ago, but It's still funny.


  • I didn't unintentionally wince. I did unintentionally laugh.

  • That had me rolling.. it's as if the car said "that's it, that's it! I F*****G QUIT!" *BOOM*

  • That's pretty harsh, Mr. Solex! My team's neon finished 8th at LeMons Buttonwillow and 14th at LeMons Thunderhill 2009…with no hint of drivetrain explosion. We won "Least Horrible Yank Tank" in both races. I guess at least one neon isn't bad.

    • There are exceptions to every rule. Any Neon that proves itself in the field of battle gets a pass from me.

    • LeMons is bizarro world for car reliability/goodness.

      Alfettas, Neons and RX-7s are remarkably successful while every smallblock Chevy powered rig bites the dust in ignominious failure. Hell, even the Uberbird's proven to be pretty easy to work on, a trait not normally associated with BMWs.

      • That's because LeMons is crazy upside-down world. By the way, when you hit the track in a Dodge, Chrysler, or Plymouth product, MOPAR magically turns into MOR PAH! If only this guy new about that!

  • I'm a bit disappointed that there's no "Bye!" tag.

    Damn, that looked painful. If it was a first-gen Neon I might feel slightly bad – stick-shift models that managed not to blow head gaskets were genuinely cheap and cheerful – but the newer ones were rubbish.

  • [youtube wYV9w9O8KpY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYV9w9O8KpY youtube]

  • His lackadaisical attitude towards his perhaps unintended customization tells me he has owned more than a few Shitcaned Neons.

  • I am suddenly reminded of Jiffy-Pop stovetop popcorn…
    <img src="http://exurbanpedestrian.files.wordpress.com/2008/10/jiffy-pop.jpg"&gt;

  • That's got to be one of the most comical and spectacular engine explosions I've seen on video. I just wish I could have seen what the head looked like, after launching a piston into the hood. People like this make me feel like a brain scientist or rocket surgeon.

    • Tits McGee

      Wasn't a piston man, that was the flywheel and clutch blowing apart.

      • Oh herro

        Wouldn't the engine, theoretically, still be able to run then after the flywheel/clutch flew apart? In the video it died right then and there when the hood popped up. So that leads me to assume that a piston told the block to f*** off.

        • matguy

          Unless the ramaining clutch and flywheel stew came apart just right to sieze in the bell housing, then it could kill the engine. You're also assuming the shrapnel didn't take out half the ignition or intake on the way through the engine compartment.

          Talking from experience, an engine that suddenly looses its flywheel can run as long as you keep it up in the higher rpm's, but it's amazing how fast those rpm's fall when you let off the gas without a flywheel. Done the equivilant it in an old Automatic Rabbit that had the flex plate break, rev'd like an F1 racer for about 2 seconds without the torque converter, then died as soon as I let off the gas.

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  • Hi, Im Danny Ganz!

    The great thing about burnout fail videos is you never can tell which way they are going to go.

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  • Jason

    Lol…guess its time to haul it away on the failtruck…

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