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HooniMerch is ALIVE!

Jeff Glucker November 9, 2009 All Things Hoon 17 Comments


Ok folks… we have just launched HooniMerch ver 1.0.

At the top of this page you will see a new tab which will take you to some gear for sale. We will continue to pack this space with more items, new designs, and greater products for you – our loyal readers.

PLEASE provide any and all feedback for this store as it is a work in progress…

(next step of course, are Coat of Arms shirts – the designs are incredible and Dr. Canada will have more info very soon)

  • While I really like the shirt designs, I will be patiently waiting for Hooniverse the brefass cereal and Hooniverse flamethrower.

    • Can we preorder the flame thrower?

      • I want a Got PAH!? bumper sticker.

        • Now THAT is a great idea…
          Let me see what I can do…

  • I wanted to call the store "Hoon Ornaments" (get it? Hood Ornaments? Anyone?) but I got voted down.

    And by "voted down", I mean that Braff is bigger than me.

  • OK, just curious here, because I did check out what you have to offer….

    Seems as if i can get a Men's Heavyweight T-Shirt with round logo for $16.90, or a Men's Heavyweight T-Shirt with round logo for $19.40.

    What am I missing?