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Wrenchmonkee Custom Motorcycles Will Kick Start Your Heart

Robert Emslie October 30, 2009 All Things Hoon 15 Comments

Have been lamenting your lack of something with a unique aesthetic between your legs? Well, forget American Chopper and grab a plane for Denmark, because Copenhagen’s Wrenchmonkees are building some of the most insanely cool bikes around.

Looking like a mix of Isle of Man and Rat Rod, the Monkee #11 eschews the over the top and overexposed modern chopper mien in approbation of a slightly off-kilter TT racer. This is just one of a number of custom bikes that Copenhagen’s Wrenchmokee has crafted out of rebuilt motors, new, and custom-made parts.

monk11_05Starting at $20,800, these bikes are not for the dilettante, but whether you want to see or be seen, each one is imbued with cool. They offer bikes in two forms- standard and custom. The standard bikes have limited changes made to them, but are rebuilt to be as new. Custom takes the bikes to a whole new level, and as you can see, these bikes would look just as at home in your living room as your garage.

monk11_06Wrenchmonkees will deliver to EU countries, and to the US, but as they note, that could get expensive. But as the guys in the long coats at the back of the magazine store say; it don’t cost nothin’ to look!


  • Deartháir

    Those are gorgeous! I want one. Yeah, it would probably kill me, but at least I'd enjoy the trip.

    Remember, it is our goal, as Hoonigans, to pass through the pearly gates upside down, on fire, screaming, and totally disoriented. Saint Peter's first words, upon seeing us, should be, "Clean up to the front counter, please!"

    • That or "Do it again!"

    • Number_Six

      Check out Monkee #8. Holy god that's cool.

    • "Hoonigan", I like that.

    • Isn't "hoon" short for "hooligan?" Is there now a difference between hoonigan and hooligan? Or did I just miss the slang boat?

    • Several years ago, in a Baja race in Wisconsin, our team captain went end over end.
      The corner workers had him up facing a tree (no reverse) after he immediately tried to get back to the track.
      They started with one of the standard questions: "Okay, can you tell me where you are?"
      *brief uncertainty*
      "IN A RACE!"

    • Dang skippy – which is why I live by this: "Better pass boldly into that other world in the full glory of some passion than than to fade and wither dismally with age." – James Joyce

      These bikes are gorgeous. And if I get the chance to make the trip to Copenhagen (a friend is moving there next week,) I'll make SURE to visit these guys. WOW.

  • Makes me wish I hadn't given that CB750SS to my brother. Oh well, there will be others.

    Oh, and these don't really take any special skills to put together. Once you figure out the carbs and charging systems, they get downright easy to put together and work on. I don't say that to take away from these guys, as they're obviously very good at what they do. But what they really excel at is vision. What I'm getting at is that bikes like these are super-cheap to get started on and don't really take any space or a bajillion dollars in custom parts you have to buy. It's really about minimalist styling and excruciating attention to detail.

  • The featured bike appears to have some very beefy high-tech brakes paired with some not-so-beefy low-tech tires. Perhaps I am wrong, and these are modern tires designed to look vintage, but the bike the way it is seems more suitable for living-room conversation piece than corner carving.

    Not that I don't love it. I'm just a little concerned about actual rideability.

  • SeanKHotay

    The dude who bought my rolled-over Jeep does this. Had a redone Honda 500 in his garage, said he had less than $1500 into it (lucked out with the famously handbeaten/formed tank) and it looks friggin’ awesome! Trying to get pics…

    These Wrenchmonkee rides are all kinds of awesome, too. Not sure $20K awesome, tho…

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