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Mi Casa Es Su Casa de Eldorado

Robert Emslie October 28, 2009 Terrible Ideas 15 Comments

Yeah, If I was driving that, I'd stop at a bar too.

Hemmings comes up with some odd-ball stuff from time to time, and today’s find is one of the oddest. Yeah, that’s an Eldorado Shooting-Brake with a pair of lovely caddy humps on the fenders pretending to cover the dual spares.

Hemmings says that it was a George Barris creation, named Casa de Eldorado, and based on a ’68 Eldo. It was originally pitched to singer Dean Martin, possibly because he was known to be lit most of the time and Barris figured he could get a check out of the inebriated crooner.

Go check out Hemmings for more description and pictures, or just gaze at the shot above in wide wonder at the machinations of thought that could arrive at such a beast.

Hat tip to Noonz for the link!