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Mi Casa Es Su Casa de Eldorado

Robert Emslie October 28, 2009 Terrible Ideas

Yeah, If I was driving that, I'd stop at a bar too.

Hemmings comes up with some odd-ball stuff from time to time, and today’s find is one of the oddest. Yeah, that’s an Eldorado Shooting-Brake with a pair of lovely caddy humps on the fenders pretending to cover the dual spares.

Hemmings says that it was a George Barris creation, named Casa de Eldorado, and based on a ’68 Eldo. It was originally pitched to singer Dean Martin, possibly because he was known to be lit most of the time and Barris figured he could get a check out of the inebriated crooner.

Go check out Hemmings for more description and pictures, or just gaze at the shot above in wide wonder at the machinations of thought that could arrive at such a beast.

Hat tip to Noonz for the link!

Currently there are "27 comments" on this Article:

  1. LTDScott says:

    Those are not lovely lady lumps.

  2. Tim Scott says:

    Wow. If you follow the Hemmings link, and then you click on the New Cadillac Database of Dream Cars on Cadillac Chassis, it will take you to a page of more interesting Caddy pr0n.

    • citroen67 says:

      That is my comment above this one…for some reason, I was not logged in when I submitted that comment.

    • superbadd75 says:

      Yeah, and there is an absolutely freaking gorgeous '68 Caddy Wagon about 1/3 of the way down with a couple more further on. Other Caddy customs of interest are Barris' "Shop Truck" built out of a Hearse, and the Caddamino 4X4. Also prepare to vomit upon seeing the Cadillac-nosed RV.

      • citroen67 says:

        I thought the RV was kind of neat looking, in a very freakish Frankenstein vehicle sort of way. I also noticed that the guy who posted those pics said that he doubted that there were any more of those, but I could swear I have seen another Cadillac/RV somewhere on the webz…I remember it having an early 50's nose.

  3. smalleyxb122 says:

    I didn't even notice the shooting brakeness of this eyesore until I read the description, which caused me to have to look at the abomination once more. And that sucked. While there is usually something cool about a shooting brake, this takes any of that awesomeness and beats the hell out of it with the ugly stick, until it inverts into awfulness. That is concentrated ugly, right there. Just imagine if this car didn't exist, the ugliness would have to be dispersed among several other cars, and they would all be the worse for it.

  4. PrawoJazdy says:

    I can't look away. I imagine the driver is inside that bar trying to forget how ugly his ride is.

  5. superbadd75 says:

    Pop those goofy humps off the fenders and it might not look so bad. GM had a few 2 door wagons back in the day, that's really all this looks like. It is very unusual though.

  6. dwegmull says:

    Spares for what? A shopping cart?

  7. CptSevere says:

    Yeah, the fender humps are lame. Avert your eyes. The rest of this car is just plain gorgeous. Needs to be black, though. A hearse for dwarves.

  8. JeepyJayhawk says:

    I really was going to not say anything, as this is not that attractive. It doesn't look that horrendous, until you look at the stuck on spare humps. That's when it spirals into WTF was someone thinking territory. <img src

    Barris was really hogging the pipe back then. If you think this is bad, I just dare you to look up the "Bugazzi".

    You know what bothers me the most about this particular car? It's an excellent concept that's just been half-assed to the portajohn. Instead of grafting those warts onto the hood (WTF? Are those to store the spare wheels for the tricycles in the cargo hold?), he should have extended the rear pillar and glass more flush with the bodywork. The rest of the styling – and yes this includes the two-tone stripe and random brightwork – is not that offensive in the context of the era.

    • Mike_the_Dog says:

      That beaten-with-an-ugly-stick Mark IV pales in comparison to the criminal acts he perpetrated against an innocent '69 AMX for Banacek.
      I've never had much respect for Mr. Barris (since he bought the Monkeemobile some years back, he's started claiming that he built it), but now I really want to beat him within an inch of his life with a Hurst shifter lever.

      • Ooh. That AMX is bad, but with all due respect (?) I have to give the "award" to the Bugazzi – there simply is no redeeming flair, style, purpose, or angle on that one – and he somehow managed to sell several of them!

        That AMX on the other had, suffers from his paradoxical "half-baked, taken too far" approach. It's a nice… intent. Lessen the fender strakes and use a standard set of side pipes, the profile is nice. I like the appoach to the rear: the lights are great but the louvers are a little overboard (can you imagine having to detail that?!). The front is a mess… I think if it were left horizontal, and not forced into some bulbous ovoid shape, it would work. So the effort was there… the execution was botched.

        But I agree, Barris seems a bit of a douche. Seeing his signature on a '58 Superior passing for Ecto-1 at the Volo Auto Museum really lowered my respect a notch. Not that the Superior was a bad looking car to substitute – but it is NOT the original design he should stake his credit to.

      • citroen67 says:

        Yeah, that AMX does look a bit tacky. I had no idea that he never built the Monkeemobile! All these years I thought that was his creation. I feel somewhat the same way as you do about Barris' work, although I probably couldn't make the things that he made in his prime…mostly due to my lack of access to large quantities of Bondo and acid hits.

  9. All I can say is, "Biatch! Grab my white ferret skinned coat and cane, we goin' pimp cruisin'!"

    I can't picture anyone else driving it. Unless they have a dog with a harness walking next to them and a white cane as opposed to one with a skull on the end of it.

  10. dahm says:

    I did not think they allowed cars on Put-in-Bay island. I've been in that bar – The Round House. They serve beers in plastic buckets and you inevitably end up wearing a bucket on your head by the end of the night. Good Times.

  11. Armand4 says:

    The execution leaves something to be desired, but I'm still drawn to the idea of a 500-cubic-inch, front-wheel-drive Caddy shooting brake. Take the front end back to stock and I'd drive it.

  12. dolo54 says:

    Oh noes, it's the beast with two backs!

  13. Deartháir says:

    Personally, I love it. I would love to move to Las Vegas and own this car. There is no way anyone would think you were anything but an old Las Vegas legend. "Do you know who I am? I'm Dean Fucking Martin. I own this town. Now don't fucking hassle me again, or I'll have your badge."

    I somehow imagine the cupholders in this car look more like this:
    <img src="http://www.dineart.com/Merchant2/graphics/00000001/Wine-flight-holders%2080.jpg&quot; width="350">

  14. Until looking at this beast from the side, I never appreciated how much a late-sixties Eldorado resembled a mid-sixties Lincoln coupe. Something about the C-pillar to rear fender transition. Especially when the chrome and vinyl distractions are removed.


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