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Tim Odell September 30, 2009 Announcements 23 Comments

Hooniverse intends to be the dumping ground for everything that’s not going to generate enough traffic at sites where they care about such things. Posts will never be optimized to maximize search results. Word count is irrelevant.

Hooniverse does not cover Automotive News in the traditional sense. Don’t send us press releases. We won’t write up your product unless we use it on one of our project cars.

You’re welcome to send us press cars, however. Should we be so blessed as to receive a vehicle on someone else’s dime, we’ll show you the respect of giving our readers something worth reading when it comes to your car. This may not be the review they or you are used to, but that’s kind of the point. We won’t be gratuitously disrespectful, but we’re not in the business of fluff.

  • Mike the Dog

    Since somebody neglected to tell me about this site until about twenty minutes ago, I’ll get my revenge by claiming first post on your opening article (this is not to be confused with posting FIRST! however, so please don’t delete/ban me). This looks like a site which promises to fill the niche that my (formerly) beloved [REDACTED].com once occupied in the blogosphere, so I expect very big things of it (these things do not necessarily include pageviews or Google hits, so please don’t misinterpret that). Here’s hoping that it exceeds the peak wonderfulness of my (formerly) beloved [REDACTED].com

  • Mike the Dog

    P.S. Thanks for the link love on my Flickr stream. I’ve got a few hundred pics that I have been putting of uploading. Now I have a reason to make it a priority.

  • MrHowser

    Hooray! So glad to hear that perhaps car guys can get together without politics/pageviews getting in the way.

  • Ditto the above. Being a fringe sort myself, I’m glad to see this place.

    Can we post or submit pictures of things we see down on the streets? Someone poke the leather clad Minx from Alameda

    Such as this little 190SL?

  • I’d be more than happy to see my DOTS finds go to good use here, since they don’t allow Mur’lee enough time for ’em to ever show up on That Other Site.

  • Viva La Insurrection! So THIS is what ya’ll’ve been up to. Hawt! I approve. If’n ya’ll’s be so inclined I’d be happy to donate article fodder and photos, etc. Anything to contribute to your success (even if that includes telling me to take a nice a long swig of STFUbrau…)

  • Impalamino

    Infrequent commenter at [REDACTED] but a devoted follower of all you guys (you know who I mean). I think we’re in the same camp, and I’d be delighted to infrequently comment on the Hooniverse.

  • This is a test of the Hooniverse Commenting System. This is only a test. If this were an actual comment, you would see insightful content here. This concludes this test.

  • faster,Tobias!

    You know, pretty much the same thing happened to my favourite MINI site; the powers that ran the site became to oppressive towards the commentators and ruined the site with endless advertising. So all the best people buggered off and set up their own site. This freedom to choose thing is pretty cool, isn’t it?

  • coupeZ600


  • If anyone has any nice quality content they’d like to submit to us, feel free to fire it off to me at iMitch at gmail dot com. Please include “Hooniverse” in the subject line so my filters can send it straight into the trash into the appropriate folder.

  • Scroggzilla

    You magnificent bastards! Once I get back on my feet financially and get home internet, I would like to contribute my support and automotive nerdery to your endeavor.

  • JeepyJayhawk

    Writing I can get behind! Yay!

  • superbadd75

    This is freaking awesome, guys! Glad to have a new place to spend the time that I should be using to work!

  • joshman

    Oh, how I’m excited about this!

  • Uncle Bo

    The things I see here, I like.

    The people I see here, I like.

    Steady as she goes, Captain. Steady as she goes.

  • Oilstain

    This is great! I’m happy for you guys. I haven’t commented much on another “car site” but have been lurking for quite some time. Like others have mentioned, it just isn’t the same. I don’t know who got this going, but congrats Mad Science and whoever else is involved.

  • superbadd75

    I’ve seen lots of very recognizable names here, is there an Exodus in effect, or do we have some people that are going to hold a dual citizenship? This is just way cool. I really love what’s been done here, and congrats to all involved, keep up the great work, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

    Just think of all the activities!

  • Hooray! We have a non-establishment car blog again, now that the other guys have officially gone corporate and lost their sense of humor in the process.

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  • It’s too hard to find info you are needing for these days unlike this article, thx

  • added_lightness

    finally found this place after mostly lurking at that other place which is riddled with ads now, looks like I have a lot of very interesting reading to catch up on, and weeks of getting absolutely no work done to look forward to!