Review: Meguiar’s Whole Car Air Re-Fresher Odor Eliminator

We’ve all found ourselves there, riding in a car reeking of a smell that tickles your nose in not-so-pleasant ways. Or worse, we’ve found ourselves as the owners of said car, looking for a cure to what we hope isn’t a permanent scent. Take for example my new-to-me Stormtrooper 4Runner, …

2017 Land Rover Discovery: The ‘All Around The Dial’ Review

Last week I had the opportunity to drive the new Land Rover Discovery. I’m not much of an off-roader, but in the interest of pushing personal boundaries, I’m happy for the opportunity. The new seven-seater Disco proved it’s pretty well capable of tackling anything the environment wants to throw at …

The Cammed & Tubbed Podcast: Episode 176 – Journey Of Self-Discovery

For our regular Friday episode, Cam, Jason, and Brad are all back together. Brad is a little bit on the sick side, so it’s a little shorter episode than usual. Cam got some work done on his BMW, while Brad went to the Arizona/Utah border to test out the new …

Review: 3M Heavy Duty Headlight Restoration Kit

If you have a car or truck with plastic headlamp covers then you know that their inevitable yellowing with age is both an aesthetic and a safety issue. You could spend hundreds having a dealer or bodyshop gouge you with their “headlight rejuvenation service,” or with a product like the 3M …

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Black Oil & Night Soil: Hoon Hard & Prosper

David Link February 27, 2017 For Sale

Today’s batch can be best described as a fat crop of nonsense.  There are some projects that didn’t quite make it to fruition, some meaty street machines, and even a flight simulator in a school bus.  Kit cars, mud boggers, a Doodlebug, and finally a MAN 8×8, strong enough to drag an entire forest up a hill and through another forest.

I know you are amped.  Dive in.

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Review: Meguiar’s Whole Car Air Re-Fresher Odor Eliminator

Ross Ballot February 27, 2017 Featured, Reviews

We’ve all found ourselves there, riding in a car reeking of a smell that tickles your nose in not-so-pleasant ways. Or worse, we’ve found ourselves as the owners of said car, looking for a cure to what we hope isn’t a permanent scent. Take for example my new-to-me Stormtrooper 4Runner, which upon purchase had some kind smell that was seemingly soaked into the leather, carpet, and plastic that makes up the interior; while it wasn’t bad enough to qualify as painful, the smell was certainly irksome and in need of attention before I truly started to spend road-trip levels of time in the vehicle.

Luckily, Meguiar’s has a remedy with their Whole Car Air Re-Fresher Odor Eliminator. The product claims to remove odors and unwanted scents from tough-to-reach spots and the more open areas alike, in turn leaving the interior of your car smelling fresh and free of that unwanted funk. Does it function as intended and advertised? Read on to see if the product’s claim are supported by its functionality.

Full disclosure: Meguiar’s wanted me to test their Whole Car Air Re-Fresher so badly that they sent me a sample can for use on the the Stormtrooper 4Runner. Happily, I gave it a shot to see if it’s all it’s cracked up to be.

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Daytona 500: How ‘Bout Them Stages?

Bradley Brownell February 27, 2017 Motorsports

There’s a new rule in NASCAR racing, and it’s a bit of a strange one. If you haven’t heard by now (unlikely), the new format calls for each race to be completed in a series of three stages. The Daytona 500 was the first test of this format, and it’s got fans a bit polarized. Some are blaming the stage format for causing more crashes than usual. Most, however, will remember the 2017 running of the Daytona 500 for producing one of the most memorable finishes in a long time. Spoilers, it was Kurt Busch that won the race, his first, after not having led a lap all day. So let’s talk about that format change and why I really think I kind of sort of like it. 

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Rental Car Diagram: What Is it?

Eric Rood February 27, 2017 Mystery Car

While helping load auction items into a rental Kia Sportage after the Lemons of Love fundraiser I attended last weekend, I saw this diagram. I’m pretty sure it’s a simple line diagram meant to document damage by the rental agency, but the juxtaposition of a four-door sedan from circa 1990 on a modern CUV just struck me as absurd for some reason. So what kind of car is this line drawing? My first thought, because I’m sick, was an Eagle Premier, but a longer look makes me think Toyota Camry or maybe Nissan Stanza.

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Because it’s Monday: Let’s Have a Summer Affair

The 1971 film Il Sole Nella Pelle (American Title Summer Affair) is notable for two things: its lead, Ornella Muti, whom you might remember as Ming the Merciless’ conniving daughter in the Sci-Fi classic Flash Gordon, and a scene set in the Lamborghini factory, filled with all kinds of equally lovely Lambos.

The plot of the Italian drama is wholly forgettable, involving something to do with Muti’s character running off with a hippie, and eventually ending up shipwrecked on a Mediterranean island where her industrialist father sends the cops to hunt the couple down and bring home the wayward teen. Along the way we get to see this scene which is filled with Miura P400 S, Jarama and Espada cars, as well as a glimpse inside the Sant’Agata Bolognese factory. Thankfully it spares us the rest of the film. Enjoy!

Source: YouTube

Race, Daily, Restore: Sprinty Freshness

Sprinters are fast. Maybe they’re not the fastest over the long haul, but for the short time they run, they run faster than anybody. In motorsport, sprint races are short, but intense. Today, we have three very different cars, all of which wore the word Sprint as part of their name, either as a trim level or in the case of the GMC, the model name:

  • 1986 Alfa Romeo Sprint 1.5L
  • 1979 Triumph Dolomite Sprint 2.0L
  • 1973 GMC Sprint SP 5.7L

Whether any of these deserve the association the term implies is quite debatable, but that’s beside the point. Today, we have other things to ruminate on. Your task is to decide which of the three you would:

  • RACE – build into some sort of dedicated racing machine (not street legal) for your choice of competition — any legitimate, sanctioned form of motorsport: road course, rally, drag, LSR, Baja, etc.;
  • DAILY – have as your sole street-registered car, for all your commuting and general transportation needs.
  • RESTORE – do a museum-quality, factory-correct, frame-off restoration, then add to your collection, but not drive on the street.

Your choices should be accompanied by your persuasive justification, or at the very least which choice you felt most strongly about.

Since most of you know the ground rules by now, they’re now available after the jump.

IMAGE CREDITS: Hemmings.com, Classiccarauctions.co.uk, Wikipedia.
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Hooniverse Asks: What’s the Longest Trip You’ve Ever Taken By Car?

Robert Emslie February 27, 2017 Hooniverse Asks

I have crossed the Continental United States six times by car, amazingly none of the trips being made in a Lincoln Continental or Porsche Continental Coupe. That lack of ironic connection is my only lament to any of the trips.

The United States is a vast expanse, and some of its States—like California and Texas—are even large enough that you could put in a good half-day of driving and not reach its border. Other geographies present similar grand scales, even if the borders are more tightly packed. I haven’t ever driven from Paris to Rome, but I can imagine it to be a hike.

Despite the distance I made the cross country trip in as little as three days once. That was a blur of a trip, and made with shared driving duties, but still seemed like a long time for two people to be in one little Honda, which was our mount. Do you have a longer stamina for staying in a car?  What is the longest road trip you’ve ever taken, and where did it take you? 

Image: Santa Fe Concorso

Last Call: See What We’ve Become Edition

Robert Emslie February 24, 2017 Last Call

North Carolina likes to have First in Flight on their license plates, touting the Wright Brothers’ work at Kitty Hawk on the state’s outer banks. This Viper is apparently licensed in North Carolina, and I can’t think of anything that could cause a faster flight away from the state than this.

Last Call indicates the end of Hooniverse’s broadcast day.  It’s meant to be an open forum for anyone and anything. Thread jacking is not only accepted, it’s encouraged.

Image: Reddit

PSA: Project CARS is Free to Xbox Live Gold Members

Project CARS, the flawed but fun racing simulator is one of this months free titles on Xbox Live for Gold members. Like Forza Horizon before it it’s nice to see Microsoft providing some free games for us gear heads in the audience, especially those of us that like to challenge ourselves with a bit of a more hardcore sim than the Forza games. I’ve spent some time with the game recently, so more thoughts after the jump. … Continue Reading

Friday Fun: $30k Challenge

Ross Ballot February 24, 2017 All Things Hoon

Welcome back to Friday Fun, the game in which you spend theoretical money in as logical or illogical manner as you desire. Consider it a way to let one’s automotive imagination run as wild as it would like, or to remind it of how great a reality can actually come to fruition with real money.

This week, we’re a little more grounded than last week’s $100k, three-car parameters. In fact, this Friday’s “game”– let’s call it the $30k two-car challenge, for reasons that escape me– are very doable for many people out there. It involves an imaginary thirty-grand finding its way into your checking account for use on two cars, and an expiration date looming in the near future for when said money evaporates along with your hopes and dreams of using it to create a fleet of machines you might or might not otherwise drool over. So click past the jump and play along, and be sure to let us know what you would do with your money.

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