The Cammed & Tubbed Podcast: Episode 49 – Emotional Eleanor

Cam and Tub and Jason get together again for another episode of your new favorite car podcast. We’re just a trio of car guys that like talking about car stuff. Come along on the journey with us. This episode’s topics include: Drinks, “What’s on your desk”, Jason’s Eleanor Issues, Brad …

Hooniverse Garage: 1969 Jeep Wagoneer Interior Fix Prep

Let me introduce you to the concept of California Rust. Out here, we don’t kill our vehicles via road salt (because 98% of the state gets no snow), but we have our own version: the sun cooks weatherstripping and rain leaks in all winter and spring, sitting stagnant under the …

Podcast: Episode 101 – That Old Car Life

  Zack Klapman from the Smoking Tire and AJ Gordon from The Petersen Museum join myself and producer Chris Hayes in the podcast studio. In this episode we learn what it’s like to drive an old truck in a city filled with new cars. Also, Zack tells us about some of …

The Cammed & Tubbed Podcast: Episode 48 – The Honeymooners

The dorky car guys on the block are back with a brand new episode. Put your hands together for the Cammed and Tubbed Podcast! We’re closing in on 50 episodes of this show, and it’s still just as fun as when we started. There’s just something so entertaining about sitting …

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Last Call: Raising the Bar for Higher Learning Edition

Robert Emslie April 27, 2015 Last Call


I’ll drink to that (now that I am safely home).

Last Call indicates the end of Hooniverse’s broadcast day. It’s meant to be an open forum for anyone and anything. Thread jacking is not only accepted, it’s encouraged. 

Image: Creative Guerrilla Marketing

Formula Fun: Finally an Off Week Edition

YouTube Preview Image

It’s a nice change of pace to be able to just bullshit with you readers for a week or two. No more races to recap, no engine blowups to shame Renault with, no whining to cover. Well, there is whining to cover, but that’s not what this column is about dear reader. This column is about loving this sport, not about parading all of the doom and gloom that the F1 news purveyors so love to show off. No, this is the F1 feature that starts with a video about Puppets, and a glimpse into the Japanese fan’s devotion to the sport. If you have ever seen Senna, you are already aware of some of the Japanese’s F1 proclivities.

… Continue Reading

Shopping for Saabs (x4)

Jim Yu April 27, 2015 All Things Hoon, For Sale


The wrecked Volvo is going to be replaced by some kind of Saab, probably. Last weekend, I checked out four. And I need your help.  … Continue Reading

The Beauty of Treasured Junk

beautiful junkyard

The story goes like this: sometime ago the creator of Zlomnik.pl (my third favorite website ever!) found some cars on Google Maps that seemed to be scattered across a property. It wasn’t a junk yard, it wasn’t an impound yard, he had no idea what it was. Little bit of research showed that the land belonged to some crazy guy who lived in a hut and would supposedly shoot any visitors with a BB gun. That man supposedly collected junked cars with the hopes of restoring them and selling for profit, much like any of us would, given enough land and alcohol. Zlomnik’s friends suggest that they go there anyway, maybe even fly over it with a drone or even a Cessna, but the trip never came to fruition.

Recently one of Zlomnik’s readers, who was fishing nearby, simply walked through there. The crazy man is now dead and these cars have been rotting further away. That reader happened to have a decent camera and managed to take some great pictures of the place. The place is filled with some amazing cars and everyone is likely to see something they like. Go to zlomnik.pl, ignore the words you can’t understand, and just look at the pictures – they are amazing!

Hoonivercinema: Monday Movie Trailer


Some people can do one thing really, really well, while generally most people are able to do a few things, you know, just all right. Then there’s that rare individual who seems able to be successful in every endeavor they attempt. Paul Newman was one of those rare individuals. Newman’s primary advocation was that of actor, and that career garnered an Academy Award, two Golden Globes, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He had two other passions; his philanthropic interests, and racing, which is the subject of a new documentary by Adam Carolla, Winning, The Racing Life of Paul Newman.

Paul Newman called racing “the first thing that I ever found I had any grace in” and was introduced to the sport while training for the 1969 film Winning. Carolla’s documentary features interviews with Robert Redford, Newman’s Winning co-star Robert Wagner, Jay Leno, fellow actor/driver Patrick Dempsey, and real racers Mario Andretti and Sam Posey, among others. It follows Newman’s racing career from not very good to respected competitor and later team owner. Carolla is not known for his behind the camera work, but he does share a passion for automobiles with Newman, and he shares directorial duties with film maker Nate Adams, who has produced a lot of Discovery Channel shows.

Check out the trailer after the jump. Winning, The Racing Life of Paul Newman opens May 22nd. … Continue Reading

Encyclopedia Hoonatica: Inside & Outside Seating

Outside Seating

Last Thursday, Hooniverse published a pair of posts that featured the Subaru Brat and the Lambo LM002. I was struck by something these two vehicles had in common: enclosed cabins plus uncovered jump seats. Both force certain passengers to ride out in the wind, rain and sun with no option of a convertible top, while the driver sits ensconced in the climate-controlled shade and quiet of an enclosed cabin with a fixed steel roof. How many vehicles have this arrangement?

Well, that’s where the magic of our commenters’ hive mind comes in. As every Monday, your task is to help us construct just such a comprehensive list in the comment section below.

The caveats: NONE! It’s an all-skate. It’s more fun when as many people as possible participate, so I am leaving this one wide open. Any age, any type of vehicle. Just so long as at least one passenger is forced to sit out in the open, and at least one other is in an enclosed, fixed-roof cabin.

Difficulty: See above. A blue run. Not quite a gimmie, but you should make it through without crashing out.

How This Works: Read the comments first and don’t post duplicates. Bonus points for adding photos. Remember thanks to Disqus, no HTML is needed: you can simply paste in the image URL.

Image Sources: Hooniverse, last Thursday.

Hooniverse Asks: What Should be the Next Car/Name That Lincoln Resurrects?


As we all know, Lincoln is undergoing a renaissance, its twelfth over the last decade. The Continental concept that debuted at NYIAS cribs some styling notes from Bentley – which ain’t a bad thing unless you’re Bentley – and offers yet another take on what the company wants to be the corporate grille. It also dragged a venerated name out of a decade-plus slumber to hopefully serve as the vanguard in replacing their present alphabet soup of model names.

If that’s what actually happens then all the next generation MK-Marky-Marks will need to adopt new sobriquets, and perhaps those will also leverage Lincoln’s past. With that in mid, let’s help out America’s baroque brand by letting them know – they read this stuff, oh yeah they do – what names and models should be the next to be reborn. Which ones do you think Lincoln should bring back?

Image: Wikipedia

Weekend Edition – Tampere Sightings: Land Rover Discovery Td5


In addition to the two swoopy Japanese grocery-getters, this ultra-blocky British invader could be spotted on the same parking lot. Perhaps parking right next to the construction zone was deliberate, as the Land Rover Discovery could most likely make easy progress through the rocks, sand and gravel. It even has a snorkel just in case the puddles there would be too deep.

The bumpers have also been replaced by really tough jobs, as this car is obviously meant for actual adventuring. It’s great.

… Continue Reading

Weekend Edition – Tampere Sightings: Toyota Celica 1.8 GSi


In case you caught a glimpse of an electric blue Celica in the background of the previous Micra shots, you’re in for a treat. I did actually have time to take a couple photos of the Toyota, too.

And as it so often is with these ones in here, this Toyota Celica is the base model 1.8 GSi with 115hp. Total Suomi-spec, and this one has been in the country since new, originally sold by a capital region dealer.

… Continue Reading

Weekend Edition – Tampere Sightings: Nissan Micra C+C


On a grocery run, I noticed this candy apple red Nissan Micra. Don’t get me wrong, supermarket parking lots are usually stocked full of librarian-spec Nissan Micras, but this was worth photographing. The 2007-model car is one of the rare enough C+C coupe cabriolet, and it’s about as ungainly looking as any millennial coupe cabriolet with the exception of the Mercedes-Benz SLK and the NC-body Mazda Miata.

I did actually stick around for a while, taking in the shapes and shades. The C+C is just baffling.

… Continue Reading


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