Hooniverse goes to the PRI show in Indianapolis

Last week, I convinced Jeff and Tim that I should represent Hooniverse at the Performance Racing Industry Show in Indianapolis. It was the first time I’ve been to any commercial trade show, so I had little idea quite what to expect. I knew some people who’d be there and had …

Rock and Radio- The Classic Craig Ads of the 1970s

The seventies were the golden age of car stereos. In my neighborhood there were a plethora of stereo stores – including the Federated Group, Leo’s Stereo, Pacific Stereo, and Crystal Sonics, where they offered dashboard dreams to fit any budget. One of the lower-budget options available from these brokers of musical …

Mercedes-Benz E350 Wagon: Long Live the Longroof!

The wagon… It’s fallen out of favor over the course of the last few decades thanks to the rise in popularity of sport and crossover utility vehicles. That’s a shame, because the wagon is the TRUE sport utility vehicle in the market. Case in point is this 2015 Mercedes-Benz E350 …

We chat with RealTime Racing’s Ryan Eversley

At last week’s Performance Racing Industry trade show at the Indianapolis Convention Center, RealTime Racing announced they were adding experienced sports car racer Ryan Eversley (second from left) to the team to race an Acura TLX-GT in Pirelli World Challenge. Eversley joins one of the most accomplished World Challenge racers, …

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Last Call- Cutaway Corvette Edition

Robert Emslie December 18, 2014 Last Call


This 1969 Corvette C3 Coupe was disassembled by Corvette Specialties in Mounds Minnesota as an advertisement for their parts business. It’s completely drivable, although not exactly what you might call road-worthy. It’s also a cool look into what lies under the fiberglass of all those old C3 ‘Vettes.

Last Call indicates the end of Hooniverse’s broadcast day. It’s meant to be an open forum for anyone and anything. Thread jacking is not only accepted, it’s encouraged. 

Image: Chevy Hardcore

V.I.S.I.T. – Fairlady In The Streets


A few weeks ago, my wife and I were walking around town cruising from bar to bar on our own little fall afternoon bar crawl, only we were going from craft brewery to craft brewery sampling the finest this town has to offer. It was quite fun, and we had some really good brews. As we were cutting through a residential neighborhood to get to the next stop, we saw this nasty old Datsun on the side of the road, and I just had to stop to admire it. It’s rough in all the right places, and it doesn’t have damage or rot, it has ‘patina’. This design has always been a favorite of mine, and I’d certainly love the opportunity to drive one around, but I’m afraid I might not fit. I snapped a few photos here with my potato-phone camera, and here I’ll offer my ‘expert’ analysis of the car after the jump.

… Continue Reading

Video: How to drive a Ford GT40

Jeff Glucker December 18, 2014 All Things Hoon
YouTube Preview Image

You know that famous line… “I don’t want to belong to any club, that would have me as a member”. Well, luckily for me then, I can’t afford to be a member of the Classic Car Club of Manhattan but I really wish I could. The reason for that is, of course, quite simple as this club allows its members to jump behind the wheel of many different types of oh-so awesome machinery.

Their garage plays home to everything from a 1974 BMW 2002 powered by an E30 M3 motor and an all-black 1968 Dodge Charger up to a 2014 Porsche GT3 and a McLaren 12C. Another part of the fleet is a CAV-built 1966 Ford GT40 replica powered by a Ford Racing 302. Oh, and it wears Gulf livery… and you can cruise around in it if you’re a member of the club.

But do you actually know what to do once you have the keys? Maybe not, and that’s why the club is taking things a step further by helping to educate its membership. Exhibit A is the video above.

This 1961 F250 is Damn Near Perfect

Tim Odell December 18, 2014 For Sale

1961 Ford F250 4x4 for saleWhat does a truck need? Ample cargo capacity, the ability to take it anywhere and the drivetrain to keep doing so forever complete my list. Looking great is sort of a nice aside. This particular 1961 Ford F250 “High Boy” checks all the boxes: 4×4, granny-low four speed, and heavy-duty solid axles sprung by leaves. The seller claims the engine is a “330”, a non-existent displacement. From the one shot of the engine bay we can see it’s an FE engine, but could be a 352, 360 or 390. It doesn’t really matter which, as all are torque monsters.

The “High Boy” term refers to the tall stance that 4×4 Ford F250s (3/4-tons) had prior to mid-1977. They’ve got what roughly amounts to a four inch lift compared to later or F100/150 half-ton trucks, fitting 35″ tires stock. Though, it seems the term usually just applies to the generation after this truck, so maybe someone more detail-oriented could weigh in.

1961 Ford F250 4x4 interior1961 Ford F250 4x4 for sale

Are there drawbacks? Certainly, but the four-wheel drum brakes on a single-circuit master cylinder, probable manual steering, no crash engineering and a suspension endorsed by the National Academy of Reconstructive Spine Surgeons are merely opportunities for fun weekends spend upgrading.

As I type this, the bidding’s at $1,136 with an unmet reserve. The details decide how many integer multiples of that number it’s actually worth.

1961 Ford F250 4×4 – eBay Motors

Thursday Trivia

Robert Emslie December 18, 2014 Thursday Trivia

Thirsday Trivia

Welcome to Thursday Trivia where we offer up a historical automotive trivia question and you try and solve it before seeing the answer after the jump. It’s like a history test, with cars!

This week’s question: What is a common factor of every engine of the 1st through 4th generation Camaro?

If you think you know the answer, make the jump and see if you’re correct. … Continue Reading

Motorsports Weekend Guide: December 19 to December 21

Eric Rood December 18, 2014 Motorsports


This weekend is devoid of live motorsports so catch up with your family or an old friend or a car or an old friend’s car or a lemur. Instead of delving further into my depraved mind, how about a bonus, motorsport-related Hooniverse Asks.

Hell, let’s make it a two-parter: What was the best racing you saw this year? What are you looking forward to in 2015? I’ll let you Hoons sort it out in the Comments section.

Photo copyright 2014 Hooniverse/Eric Rood.

Hooniverse Asks- What Car or Truck Most Overstayed its Welcome?

Robert Emslie December 18, 2014 Hooniverse Asks


I once heard this joke: what do you do with party left-overs? You gently help them out the door. Cars, just like people, often don’t know when it’s time to go. Whether it’s the Chrysler PT Cruiser, or Alfa Romeo’s Duetto Spider, some of them could be seen as overstaying their welcome.

I’m not saying that some classic cars don’t always have a place in the pantheon of greats. Well, maybe I am, and perhaps it’s time for companies like Morgan to move on. I mean, seriously, do we still need sliding pillar suspensions to show us how it used to be done? Of course on other occasions, it’s simply a nameplate that needs to go. I think that we could do without Ford’s Taurus, considering that the current Volvo-based car isn’t anything like the revolutionary original. Let it go, Blue Oval guys.

What do you think, are there certain cars – or even brands- that really need to call it a night? What are the cars that have potentially overstayed their welcome?

Image: NBC Bay Area

Last Call- Good Will to Men Edition

Robert Emslie December 17, 2014 Last Call


The automobile has long been a resource for communicating one’s deep-felt beliefs, whether those be socially redeeming, or aberrant. In the case of this double take-demanding sticker, I think it’s a little of both.

Last Call indicates the end of Hooniverse’s broadcast day. It’s meant to be an open forum for anyone and anything. Thread jacking is not only accepted, it’s encouraged. 

Image: Imgur

The Carchive:- The ’64 Plymouth Barracuda


It’s absolutely miserable outside, so what better to do than lock the doors, pour a warm beverage and snuggle up with a pile of nice, easily digestible car brochures from some dim and distant point in the past?

That’s what I did this weekend, and among them was this somewhat tattered launch brochure for the Plymouth Barracuda. Take the jump to remember just what unique qualities the Other pony car had to offer.

… Continue Reading

The Wombat: Steering Issues

YouTube Preview Image

We’re back with more on The Wombat; our 1984 Mercedes-Benz HEMI wagon project car. This time it’s an update on what we have looming in front of us. This means we’re looking at steering issues, wiring, the driveshaft, cooling, and anything else that will pop up.

It’s a long list, but Mark from Scared Shiftless is confident that we’re moving ahead nicely. I may be bringing in a surprise steering expert in the near future though, so stay tuned for that!


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